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Список артистов продюсированных Тимбэлэндом Категория: Интересно
1 Life 2 Live
Keep It Movin'

50 Cent
AYO Technology F/ Justin Timberlake
Come and Get Me Feat. Tony Yayo

106 & Park Live Freestyle Friday
House Wife Vs. Warlock

Steelo (Timbaland Mix)
Steelo (Cali Mix) F/ Missy

Beats for the Streets (Intro)
Hot Like Fire
Hot Like Fire (Timbaland's Groove Remix)
Hot Like Fire (Feel My Horns Remix)
One in a Million
One in a Million (Timbaland's Remix) F/ Ginuwine
One in a Million (Remix 2) (Snippet)
One In a Million (Remix Video Version)
If Your Girl Only Knew
If Your Girl Only Knew (Remix)
If Your Girl Only Knew (The New Remix) F/ Missy Elliott
If Your Girl Only Knew (Radio Edit/Video Version)
If Your Girl Only Knew (Extended Mix)
If Your Girl Only Knew (Beat A Pella)
4 Page Letter
4 Page Letter (Quiet Storm Remix)
4 Page Letter (Timbaland’s Main Mix)
Never Comin' Back
Ladies in the House F/ Missy Elliott
Came To Give Love (Outro)
We Need A Resolution
We Need A Resolution (Radio Edit w/o Rap)
More Than A Woman
I Care 4 U
Don't Know What To Tell Ya’
Don’t Know What To Tell Ya’ (Radio Edit)
Are You That Somebody
Are You That Somebody (Remix) F/ Danja Mowf, Mad Skillz, and Lonnie B
Death of A Playa F/ Rashad Haughton
Try Again
Try Again (Timbaland Remix) F/ Sincere and Sebastian
Try Again (Video Version)
Try Again (Alternate Version No Timbo)
Try Again (Alternate Version)
Are You Feelin' Me?

Adina Howard
Sexual Needs

Alicia Keys

All Saints
Lady Marmalade (Timbaland Remix)

Ashlee Simpson
Yeah Yeah Yeah
What I've Become
Rag Doll
Outta My Head

Do Whut You Do (Snippet)
All By Myself F/ D.O.E
Band Leader (Non-Mudkatz Version)
Mean Walk
We Gon’ Get It F/ Bubba Sparxxx & Knoc'Turnal
Get Up (You Ain't Crazy)
Freak A'Holic
I See You F/ 6'2 & D.O.E

B Rezell
Blowed Away (liner notes credit Devante)

Shake That F/ Ray-J

Baby You Can Do It F/ Toni Braxton

Everytime I Close My Eyes (Timbaland Remix) f/ Playa & Mariah Carey
Everytime I Close My Eyes (Timbaland Extended Mix)
This is For the Lover in You (Timbaland Remix) f/ LL Cool J & Shalamar

Talkin' Trash

Beanie Sigel
In the Club
In the Club (Radio Edit)

Diamond Dogs

Beenie Man
All Girls Party

Earth Intruders
Earth Intruders (Radio Edit)
Earth Intruders (Mark Stent Extended Edit)

Black Eyed Peas
My Style F/ Justin Timberlake
My Style (Alternate Version)

Black Russians
We Gon Get It

Bobby Valentino
Anonymous (Radio Edit)
Rearview (Ridin') F/ Ludacris

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Bone Thug Boyz

Boyz II Men
I Can't Let Her Go (Timbaland Remix)

Turn It Up
Turn It Up (Alternate Version)
Finally (Original Version)
Who Is She To You?
Who Is She To You? (Part II) f/ Usher
Who Is She To You? (Remix) f/ Fabolous
Should I Go
I Tried
Come As You Are
Come As You Are (Alternate Version) (Snippet)
Nodding Off
Fall Back F/ Lloyd Banks & Fabolous
Adios (Snippet)

Bubba Sparxxx
Take Off (Intro)
Ugly (Remix) f/ Ms Jade
Bubba Talk
Lovely (Radio Edit)
Get Right
Open Wide
Twerk A Little
Jimmy Mathis
Nowhere F/ Kiley Dean
Nowhere (Alternate Version)
Comin' Round
Comin' Round (Alternate Version)
She Tried F/ Ryan Tedder
Warrent (Interlude)
Warrant F/ Attitude
Take A Load Off
My Tone
Tasty the same as Heather Hunter's "Would You Like"
Lose Your Mind
Hey (Original Version)

Bubba Sparxxx & The Mudd Katz
New South Intro - Ms. Jade
Talk 2 Me Betty - Bubba Sparxxx & The Mudd Katz
Talk 2 Me Betty (Alternate)
Valet - Dirty Ken & Attitude
Cranky Up - Bubba Sparxxx, Attitude, & Dirty Ken
Cranky Up (Alternate)
Band Leader - Bubba Sparxxx, Timbaland, & The Mudd Katz
Band Leader (Alternate)
Tell Me Ya Wit It - Attitude
Tell Me Ya Wit It (Alternate)
Tell Me About The South - Bubba Sparxxx & Baby
Tell Me About The South (Alternate)
Put It On Me - Bubba Sparxxx & Polo
Put It On Me (Alternate)
That's Him - Ricky Rucker
That's Him (Alternate)
Who The Fuck Is This - Bubba Sparxxx, Ms Jade, Native, & Ricky Rucker
Who The Fuck Is This (Alternate)
Ut Ho - Bubba Sparxxx
Easy - Bubba Sparxxx
In The Mudd - Bubba Sparxxx & Timbaland
Freestyle 1 - Bubba Sparxxx
Freestyle 2 - Bubba Sparxxx
Special - Sebastian & Bubba Sparxxx
Special (Alternate)
Gun Line - Petey Pablo & Kiley Dean
Gun Line (Alternate)
Reinfected - Ricky Rucker, Bubba Sparxxx, & Attitude
Country Till I Die - Kiley Dean

Busta Rhymes
Get Down

Bouncin' Down The Boulevard
Bouncin' Down The Boulevard (Radio Edit)

I'll Be Around

Cheri Dennis
Act Like You Know

Let Me Love You

Code 5

He Be Back f/ Missy Elliott

The D.E.Y
Get The Feeling

Timbaland Intro
Bottom 2 Tha Top
Streets Been Watchin
The Tortoise And The Hare
Timbaland Speaks
The Hottest
On The Real
Maurice Pobitch Skit
Apple Juice
Bags Packed
Still Me
Watchin Me
The Fall
Get High
Coming Down
Dat Ting F/ Elephant Man
Dat Ting (Alternate Version)
Rollin' F/ Lil' Jon & Candice Nelson
Rollin' (Alternate Version)
Betta Just
Hoe Man
Mash It Up
Mash It Up (Alternate Version)
Just Might Lose It F/ Candice Nelson
Piano Man
I Don’t Wanna Party F/ Missy Elliott

Da Brat
Intro (Unrestricted) f/ Twista & Millie Jackson

Danity Kane
Want It
Want It (Original Version)
Right Now
Right Now (Original Version)

Destiny's Child
Say My Name (Timbaland Remix)
Say My Name (Timbaland Remix Alternate Version No Timbaland)
Get On The Bus
Get On The Bus (Video Version)
Get On The Bus (Radio Edit No Rap)

Gin and Juice (Remix) f/ Static & Magoo

After Love F/ Keri Hilson
After Love (Alternate Version)

Dima Bilan
Number One Fan Feat.Sebastian
Number One Fan

Digital Black
Lust F/Playa

Here We Go
Here We Go (Alternate Version)

DJ Timmy Tim's BC Mix
I Can Get It On
What Cha Know About This
Phat Rabbit
Put 'Em On

Duran Duran
Night Runner F/ Justin Timberlake
Skin Divers
Zoomin' In

Elsie Muniz
As We Danced

Tylenol Island

Right Now and Later On
Make Me Better F/ Ne-Yo

Fade 2 Black
Unreleased Beat

Fat Joe
Everybody Get Up

Say Yes (Timbaland Remix)

The Game
Put You On The Game

Gina Thompson
Why Do Fools Fall In Love F/ Mocha
Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Alternate Version Snippet)

Da Bachelor (The Whole CD)
Pony (Ride It Remix)
Pony (Extended Mix)
I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry (Radio Edit)
When Doves Cry (Radio Edit)
Only When Ur Lonely (Remix)
100% Ginuwine (The Whole CD except: "She's Out of My Life", "All Nite All Day, and I Know")
Same Ol' G (Radio Edit)
So Anxious (Anxiety Remix)
So Anxious (Video Version)
So Anxious (Alternate Video Version)
None Of Ur Business (Video Version)
Simply Irresistable
That's How I Get Down f/ Ludacris

Jacki O
Slow Down
Outta Control
Outta Control (Alternate)

Nasty Girl F/ Carl Thomas
Nasty Girl F/ Carth Thomas (Alternate Version)
They Ain't Ready F/ Bubba Sparxxx

Jamie Foxx
Can I Take You Home
Can I Take You Home (Radio Edit)
Can I Take You Home (Alternate Version)

Janet Jackson
I Get So Lonely (TNT Remix)
I Get So Lonely (TNT Bonus Remix)
I Get So Lonely (TNT Remix Edit)
Go Deep (Timbaland Remix) f/ Missy
Go Deep (Missy Edit)

Hola Hovito
Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originators '99) F/ Jaz-O
Nigga What, Nigga Who (Radio Edit)
Hey Papi f/ Memphis Bleek & Amil
Hey Papi (Radio Edit)
Hey Papi (Alternate Version Jay-Z only)
Snoopy Track F/ Juvenile
Is That Yo Bitch? F/ Missy Elliott & Twista
Is That Yo Bitch? (Remix) f/ Twista, Busta Rhymes, and Missy Elliott
It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)
Come and Get Me
Come And Get Me (Alternate Version)
Big Pimpin' F/ UGK
Big Pimpin’ (Radio Edit)
Paper Chase F/ Foxy Brown
The Bounce F/ Kanye West
The Bounce (Radio Edit)
What They Gonna Do F/ Sean Paul
2 Many Hoes F/ Memphis Bleek
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Radio Edit)
Get Off Minez
Get Off Minez (Alternate Version)


Jennifer Lopez
He'll Be Back

Bring on Da’ Funk (liner notes say Devante, written by Timbo)
What About Us? (Swingmob Remix)
Time and Place (liner notes say Devante, written by Timbo)
Sweaty (liner notes say Devante, scratches by Timbo)

Joe Boxer Commercial 2003
Joe Boxer Commercial 2003 (Alternate Version)

Joe Budden
What Ya’ll Doin’ Tonight (Snippet)

Justin Timberlake
Oh No (What You Got)
Cry Me A River
(And She Said) Take Me Now F/ Janet Jackson
Right For Me F/ Bubba Sparxxx
Good Foot
Good Foot (Alternate Version)
Sexy Ladies / Let Me Talk To You Prelude
Sexy Ladies Remix F/ 50 Cent
My Love F/ T.I.
My Love (Video Version)
My Love F/ T.I. (Unmastered Version)
My Love (Demo Version)
My Love (Alternate No Rap)
Love Stoned / I Think She Knows
LoveStoned (Video Version)
LoveStoned (Radio Edit)
What Goes Around/Comes Around Interlude
What Goes Around Comes Around (Radio Edit)
Summer Love / Set The Mood Prelude
Until The End Of Time
Until The End Of Time F/ Beyonce
Losing My Way
Chop Me Up F/ Three 6 Mafia

K-Ci & Jojo
Game Face

Kaleena Harper
Loose My Mind (Snippet)

Karen Clark Sheard
Higher Ground

Runnin' Mate

Keri Hilson
Love Ya’
Where Did He Go
The way you are
Kiley Dean
Make Me A Song
Make Me A Song (Radio Edit)
Make Me A Song (Video Version)
Keep It Movin'
Keep It Movin' (Alternate Version)
Cross The Line
Lovin’ You
Stay Away From My Boyfriend
Just Like That
As Days Go By/ Brokenhearted
Just A Little
Kiss Me Like That
By Your Side F/ Utada Hikaru
By Your Side (Alternate Version No Utada)
Simple Girl
Simple Girl (Alternate Version)
War Song
Return The Favor
Miscommunication Feat. Sebastian

Have Fun

Lenny Kravitz
American Woman (Timbaland Remix Vinyl Version)
American Woman (Timbaland Remix CD Version)

Lil' Eazy E
I Got That

Lil' Kim
Money Talks F/ Andrea Martin
The Jump Off F/ Mr. Cheeks
The Jump Off (Remix) F/ Mr. Cheeks & Mobb Deep

Limp Bizkit
Take A Look Around (Timbaland Remix) F/ E-40 & Eightball
Rearranged (Timbaland Remix) F/ Bubba Sparxxx

LL Cool J
Headsprung (Remix) F/ Justin Timberlake and Keri Hilson
Headsprung (Radio Edit)
Feel The Beat
Apple Cobbler
Every Sip F/ Candice "Gg" Nelson
Can't Explain It F/ Candice "Gg" Nelson
Rub My Back
Rub My Back (Radio Edit)

Lloyd Banks
I'm So Fly
My House

Phat Rabbit
Roll Out
Roll Out (Radio Edit)
Red Light District Intro
The Potion

Mack 10
Nobody (Hoo Bangin Style) f/ K Mac, Deviossi, Cousteau
Life As A Gangsta’

No Definition
No Definition (Alternate Snippet)

Number Man

Mel B
Word Up
Word Up (Tim’s Dance Mix)
Word Up (Radio Edit)

Memphis Bleek
Is That Yo' Chick? F/ Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, & Twista
Is That Yo' Chick? F/ Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, & Twista (Radio Edit)
Is That Yo Chick (Alternate Video Version) F/ Jay-Z & Missy Elliott

Method Man
Break Ups 2 Make Ups (Timbaland Remix) f/ D'Angelo

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott
Supa Dupa Fly (The Whole CD)
Sock It 2 Me (Alternate Version No Da Brat)
Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) (Radio Edit)
Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) (Radio Edit Master)
Hit 'Em With Da Hee (Remix) F/ Lil' Kim & Mocha
Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee (Remix Extended Version)
Hit 'Em With Da Hee (Video Version) F/ Mocha
Hit 'Em With Da Hee (Alternate Video Version) F/ Mocha
Beep Me 911 (Remix) F/ 702 & Magoo
Beep Me 911 (Radio Edit)
Beep Me 911 (Remix Radio Edit)
Beep Me 911 (Video Version)
Da Real World (The Whole CD)
Hot Boyz (Remix) f/ Nas, Eve, & Q Tip
Hot Boyz (Video Version) f/ Nas & Eve
She's A Bitch (Radio Edit)
All In My Grill (Radio Edit) F/ MC Solaar & Nicole Wray
All In My Grill (Video Version) F/ MC Solaar & Nicole Wray
All In My Grill (Radio Edit) F/ Big Boi & Nicole Wray
Miss E ...So Addictive (The Whole CD except: "So Addictive (Intro)"
Get Ur Freak On (Remix) F/ Nelly Furtado
Get Ur Freak On (Remix) F/ Twista
One Minute Man (Video Version/Original Version) F/ Ludacris & Trina
4 My People (Radio Edit)
Take Away (Extended Radio Edit) F/ Ginuwine & Tweet
Take Away (Video Version) F/ Ginuwine & Tweet
Under Construction (The Whole CD except: "Pussycat", "Nothin' Out There For Me" and "Can You Hear Me")
Work It (Radio Edit)
Gossip Folks (Video Version) F/ Ludacris
This Is Not A Test (The Whole CD except: "Is Our Last Time", "Dats What I'm Talkin' Bout", "It's Real" and "I'm Not Perfect)
I'm Really Hot (Radio Edit)
I’m Really Hot (Video Version)
Pass That Dutch (Video Version)
Pass That Dutch (Remix) F/ Busta Rhymes
Wake Up (Alternate Version No Jay-Z)
Joy F/ Mike Jones
Joy (Alternate Version)
Get Contact F/ Busta Rhymes
Get Contact (Alternate Version) F/ Busta Rhymes (Snippet)
Drop The Bomb

Mardi Gras
Runnin' Shit
Talkin' Crazy


Matt Pokora

Moka Blu Beat

Mr. Dalvin & Static
True O.G.s

Ms. Jade
Jade's The Champ
Jade's The Champ (Radio Edit)
She's A Gangsta
Ching Ching Ching F/ Nelly Futardo
Ching Ching Ching (Radio Edit)
Getaway F/ Nesh
Ching Ching Part II
Step Up
Count It Off F/ Jay-Z
Really Don't Want My Love F/ Missy Elliott
Dead Wrong F/ Nate Dogg
Feel The Girl
Feel The Girl (Radio Edit)
Big Head
Big Head (Video Version/Radio Edit)
Why U Tell Me That F/ Lil Mo
Watch Ya’
Damn Right F/ Bubba Sparxxx
Dream (Radio Edit)
Dream (Alternate Version)
Stick Up Girl
Talking Dirty

MTV Carmen VMA
Timbaland Remix Instrumental

MTV Ringtones
VIP Room
VIP Room (Alternate Version)
The Seduction
Block Party
Block Party (Alernate Version)
The Showdown
The Getaway
After Hours
Fire It Up
Idea Sun
Snake Charmer


You Owe Me F/ Ginuwine
You Owe Me (Video Version/Radio Edit)
You Won't See Me Tonight F/ Aaliyah

Nate Dogg
Gott Damn Shame
Born To Mac F/ Ms. Jade (Snippet)

Nelly Furtado
Turn Off The Lights (Timbaland Remix) F/ Ms Jade
Turn Off The Lights Remix (Video Version)
Afraid F/ Attitude
Maneater (Remix) F/ Lil' Wayne
Maneater (Radio Edit)
Maneater (Original Version)
Promiscuous Girl
Promiscuous Girl (Radio Edit)
Promiscuous Girl (Original Version)
No Hay Igual
No Hay Igual Remix F/ Calle 13
No Hay Igual (Original Version) (Snippet)
Say It Right
Do It
Do It Remix F/ Missy Elliott
Do It (Radio Edit)
Wait For You
All Good Things (Come To An End)
All Good Things (Come To An End) F/ Rea Garvey
All Good Things (Come To An End (Studio Version) F/ Chris Martin
Lo Bueno Siempre Tiene Un Final (Spanish Version of All Good Things)

Nicole Wray
Make It Hot
Make It Hot (Radio Edit)
Bangin' (Don't Lie) F/ Prodigy
Bangin' (Don't Lie) (Alternate Version No Prodigy)
Bangin' (Don't Lie) (Alternate Version) F/ Missy Elliott

He Said I Said
She Can Get It

For A Minute F/ D.O.E and Nature
Get Down

Obie Trice
Bad Bitch
I'm a Hustler F/ 50 Cent

Beg For It
Icebox (Remix) F/ Usher
Icebox (Original Version)
Icebox (Video Version)
Cut Off Time F/ Kat DeLuna

One Republic

Outsiderz 4 Life
College Degree F/ Sincere
College Degree (Radio Edit)
College Degree (Alternate Version)
Hell Yeah (Remix)
Who R U? (Timbaland Remix Radio Edit)
Who R U? (Timbaland Remix)
Wrong Side Of The Bed

That's A Good Look

Pastor Troy
Are We Cuttin’ F/ Ms. Jade
Are We Cuttin’ (Remix) F/ Ms. Jade & Norega
Are We Cuttin' (Clean Version 45 seconds shorter)
Tell 'Em It's On

Paula Deanda
Easy F/ Lil’ Wayne
Easy F/ Bow Wow

Petey Pablo
I (Radio Edit)
I (Alternate Version)
Raise Up
Raise Up (All Cities Remix)
Raise Up (Clean Radio Edit)
Raise Up (Radio Edit)
I Told Yall
Get On Dis Motorcycle F/ Bubba Sparxxx
Break Me Off F/ Missy Elliott
Officer Down (Snippet)
Country Style F/ Raje Shwari
Father To Daughter
Stick Up Man

Don't Stop The Music
Don't Stop The Music (Radio Edit/Video Version)
All The Way
Everybody Wanna Luv Somebody
Cheers 2 U
Cheers 2 U (Video Version)
Ms. Parker F/ Missy Elliott
Top Of The World
I'll B 2 C U
Never Too Late
Gravy Train (Snippet)
Your Dress

Pooda Brown
Test My Boyz (Snippet)
We Can Get It On F/ Nina Ross
We Can Get It On (Radio Edit)

Pussycat Dolls
Wait A Minute
Wait A Minute (Timbaland Version)

Raje Shwari
Below The Waist
Below The Waist F/ Beenie Man (Alternate 1)
Below The Waist F/ Beenie Man (Alternate 2)
Indian Style

Ray J
Unbelievable F/ Shorty Mack, Detail & Gangsta Girl

Put It Down

It's Obvious F/ Jay-Z

Ricky Martin
Bare Your Soul (Snippet)

Sell Me Candy
Lemme Get That

Phenomenon (Alternate Version) F/ Raje Shwari
Could You F/ Tweet
Could You (Alternate Version Snippet)
Take Off
Rock N’ Roll F/ Bubba Sparxxx
Stomped Out F/ Attitude & Petey Pablo
Can’t Stop Us F/Baby & Elephant Man
Ready F/ Petey Pablo
Beat Club F/ Bubba Spaarxxx & Petey Pablo
Hungry F/ Sin & Ms. Jade

Shade Sheist
Money Owners
Money Owners (Radio Edit)

Shake That Shit F/ Ludacris
Shake That Shit (Radio Edit)

Shelby Norman
I Will
After All
Inside Out
This Love Is Real
U Hated Me
U Hated Me (Alternate Version)


Pop That
Really Real

For All My Sistas Around The World (The Whole CD except "Hit U Up")
Brand New (Timbaland's Beemer Mix)

Six Deuce
Let's Git Hygh f/ Attitude
Let's Git Hygh (6'2 only version)
I'm That Real Nigga (Snippet)

Jump Off (Back Off The Wall)
Jump Off (Back Off The Wall) (Alternate Version)
Jump Off (Back Off The Wall) (Alternate Version 2)

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg (What's My Name Part 2)
Snoop Dogg (Clean Radio Edit)
Tha Doggfather (Remix)
Set it Off F/ MC Ren, Ice Cube, Lady Of Rage, and Nate Dogg
Get A Light F/ Damian Marley

Get Together

Southernaire All-Stars
I Believe
I Believe (Radio Edit)

Hit U Wit No Delay

Styles P
KG2 And 1 Commercial

Can We
Can We (Radio Edit)
Can We Alternate No Rap

Talk That

Take 5

I Love Them Girls Part II
I Love Them Girls Part II(Alternate Version)

Tonite F/ Petey Pablo

Terri & Monica
Sexuality (Timbaland Remix)

Oh Timbaland
Give It To Me F/ Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake
Give It To Me (Radio Edit)
Give It To Me (Original Version)
Release F/ Justin Timberlake
The Way I Are F/ Keri Hilson and D.O.E
The Way I Are F/ Keri Hilson (Radio Version)
The Way I Are F/ Keri Hilson, D.O.E, and Sebastian
The Way I Are (Tyssem Remix)
The Way I Are (Nephew Remix)
Bounce F/ Missy Elliott & Dr. Dre
Come & Get Me F/ 50 Cent & Tony Yayo
Kill Yourself F/ Sebastian & Attitude
Boardmeeting F/ Magoo
Sweet Dreams
Scream F/ Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger
Bombay F/ Jim Beanz & Amar
Throw It On Me F/ The Hives
Time F/ She Wants Revenge
One & Only F/ Fallout Boy
Apologize F/ One Republic
2 Man Show F/ Elton John
Come Around F/ M.I.A
Hello F/ Keri Hilson & Attitude
Laff At Em (Give It To Me Remix)

Timbaland and Magoo
Welcome to Our World (The Whole CD)
Clock Strikes (Radio Edit/Video Version)
Clock Strikes (Remix Extended)
Up Jumps Da Boogie (Radio Edit)
Up Jumps Da Boogie (Short Version) F/ MIssy Elliott & Aaliyah
Up Jumps Da Boogie (Remix Radio Edit)
Luv 2 Luv U (Radio Edit)
Tim's Bio: Life from Da Bassment (The Whole CD)
Can’t Nobody (Clean Alternate)
Here We Come (Radio Edit)
Who Am I (Radio Edit)
To My (Radio Edit)
Lobster & Scrimp (Radio Edit/Video Version)
Lobster & Scrimp (New Radio Edit)
Indecent Proposal (The Whole CD)
Babby Bubba (Alternate Version) F/ Petey Pablo
Drop (Radio Edit)
All Y'All (Radio Edit)
Roll Out (Radio Edit)
Roll Out (Alternate Version)
It’s Your Night (Alternate Version)
Under Construction II (the whole CD except "Don't Make Me Take It There" & "I Got Luv 4 Ya'")
Cop That Shit (Clean Radio Edit)
Cop That Shit (Dirty Edit)
Cop That Disc (Video Version)
Cop That Shit (Clean Radio Edit)
Da Funk
We At It Again
We At It Again (Video Version)
We At It Again (Original Version)
We At It Again (Alternate Version) (Snippet)
Lights Out F/ Attitude and Bubba Sparxxx
SBI (Big White Spaceship) F/ Pharrell
Vulnerable F/ Pharrell
Go Head & Do Your Thang F/ Sebastian
Go Head & Do Your Thang (Alternate Explicit)
Can You Get Wit It F/ Magoo and Devante
Can You Get Wit It (Radio Edit)
Phenomonen F/ Sebastian
Drama (Alternate Version "I See Dead People")

Dirty Dirty

Torrey Carter
Same Ol'
OK F/ Missy Elliott, Petey Pablo, & Trick Daddy

What About Us?
What About Us? (Alternate Version with Timbo Rap)
What About Us? (Radio Edit)
What the Dealio?
Trippin' (PD Mix) F/ Missy Elliott
Trippin' (Missy Mix) F/ Missy Elliott
Trippin' (Missy Mix Radio Edit)

Truth Hurts

Oops (Oh My)
Oops (Oh My) Remix F/ Fabolous
Oops (Oh My) Remix F/ Bubba Sparxxx
Oops (Oh My) (Radio Edit)
Make Ur Move
Sexual Healing (Oops Part 2) F/ Ms. Jade
Call Me

Twista 2004 (Snippet)

Moving Mountains
U Make Me Wanna (Timbaland Remix)
U Make Me Wanna (Timbaland Remix) Radio Edit
Can U Get Wit It (though liner notes say Devante, all instruments Timbo)
Can U Get Wit It (Extended Mix)
Can U Get Wit It (Alternate Version)

Let Me Give You My Love
Exodus '04
Wonder 'Bout (Timbaland Remix)

Virginia Williams
Without U

Wyclef Jean
War Stories F/ Trini, Shells, and Hollywood

My Little Secret (Timbaland Remix)

Hey Now (Mean Muggin) F/ Keri Hilson

Young Jeezy

Bounce (co-produced by Big Tank)


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 3 ноября 2010 - 00:51 #1 

тимба опасен любит видать продюссировать doggystyle


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и с каждого по миллиону баксов) красава)))


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жесть !!! нифига у него списочек :)


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Timbo жоссссский чел music2


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 3 ноября 2010 - 06:50 #5 

целый оркестр rolleyes


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 3 ноября 2010 - 08:26 #6 

а как это все дело послушать??


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 3 ноября 2010 - 09:08 #7 

Это наверное не АРТИСТЫ спродюссрированные, а ТРЭКИ!


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 3 ноября 2010 - 09:34 #8 

Цитата: Schweiger
Mardi Gras
Runnin' Shit
Talkin' Crazy


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 3 ноября 2010 - 09:34 #9 

абаш crazy


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 3 ноября 2010 - 10:10 #10 

А где Алла Пугачева и Фрэнк Синатра? scream


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 3 ноября 2010 - 10:48 #11 

wowglaza нифига много мне он нравится love


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 3 ноября 2010 - 11:11 #12 

да парень работает как папа карло
не то что вы lol


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 3 ноября 2010 - 11:24 #13 

дима билан че там делает? belay


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 3 ноября 2010 - 11:37 #14 

все таки иблана он продюсировал


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 3 ноября 2010 - 12:02 #15 

Имеется ввиду продюссировал песни т.е. оранжировал, пел, раскрутил и помог продать.
Не имеется ввиду продюсер исполнителя или группы.


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 5 ноября 2010 - 18:49 #16 

дима билан ваще не в тему там,пидарок наш rofl


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 5 апреля 2011 - 19:45 #17 

пидарок наш rofl ахахахха

ты бы артистов выделил по-нормальному, а то не понятно и некрасиво.
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